Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A hello and introduction.

Hello to all you interneters!

We thought we would first take a moment to introduce ourselves.  We (the humans) are in the process of planning a wedding in August all while dealing with the everyday fun of having a mixed household...of pets.  I currently work at a law firm and my lovely fiancée is a special education teacher (known from here forward as "The Teacher").  Our pets are absolutely a huge joy in our life.  It would take way to long to tell you all about them, but if you keep following our blog, there is no doubt you'll learn more about them.  A brief introduction to the players should suffice, starting with:

I picked up Gracie at the estimated age of 5 weeks from a farm that had a sign that said free puppies.  I was in college and really didn't have a clue about raising a dog, but I had a lot of love to give to her.  I had a dog growing up, but that seemed so long ago, and I really had no responsibility when it came to her.  Gracie's a lab/border collie mix and 7.5 years later she's been an absolute joy in my life!  She's definitely more lab as she loves to lay around and she's not over energetic when she doesn't want to be.  She's very food motivated and eats just about anything, eatable or not.  She loves car rides, laying on pillows and in the recliner, and getting loved on...a lot!

"The Teacher" got Webster from the Franklin County Dog Shelter when he was 7 months old.  He was picked up as a stray and ended up with in a foster home because he was not a caged kinda guy.  It was love at first sight when she saw him although at the time his ears hadn't matured to their full glory.  They were flopped over after a few months, one stood up and then two.  Now, they are quite the defining feature.  He's now 3 years old.  He is most definitely a border collie mix, full of energy and intelligence.  We're not really sure what else he's got in him, but he's a very unique guy.  He may be slightly addicted to tennis balls, not a big fan of loud noises and is very protective of his momma.  When our families began to merge, he was the one that help Gracie learn to play and will thankfully keep her younger, longer.

Oh Cissy...where to start.  First I should mention that she's 13 years old and has never liked a man in her life.  She was found in a box with her brother outside of a school with a sign that said "momma died".  The Teacher was at that time only a student and in 7th grade.  When I first met her, I really did think she was the spawn of you-know-who, but she started to warm up.  She was still pretty particular as to when and how you could pet her, but when we moved into our new place she pretty much completely opened up.  Apparently she is now the way she was when I wasn't around, which is actually very entertaining.  At completely random times in the evening she starts meowing and begging for someone to come play...actually, she's doing it right now.  She's hilarious on catnip and is becoming quite social (she comes out when other people are around instead of hiding in a closet).  She's not the type of cat you can cuddle up with, but I wouldn't have her any other way!

So that's what the 4 legs part is all about.  The 2 wheels will be a "dusting" of cycling stuff mixed in with all the dog/cat information.  I'm a full-time commuting cyclist, but not overly hardcore as my roundtrip is only 2 miles, but it's still a bit of a commitment.  The Teacher commutes too far to ride, but hopefully someday that may change.

We all hope you enjoy the stories and information we share!

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