Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Changes may be around the corner

So, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and while I still like the "4 legs" part of 4 legs and 2 wheels, I'm not so much feeling the 2 wheels much anymore. Realistically, we both enjoy cycling, but 95% of the time, I only do it to commute to and from work, and The Teacher hasn't been on her bike in months. I don't feel a strong pull to write much about cycling and I think it might be time to change the name of the blog. We're still trying to work out a new name that I like and will encompass more of an overall description of what we will write about, but without being too "corny" as The Teacher puts it.

We will still more than likely keep the 4 legs part because it's a huge part in what we are both passionate about. I however would like to add on to it something about living a better life. I'm becoming more and more interested in local and sustainable food, taking control of the food we eat (i.e. growing and storing), exercise (this will no doubt include some cycling stuff), etc. I would like for this blog to be able to encompass everything in our life including the things that we strive for, and I feel 4 legs and 2 wheels is too specific and hard to elaborate additional topics into.

Maybe it's just me. I hope that everyone that has read the blog in it's current state, either regularly or just whenever, will still continue to frequent it. Hopefully you will take interest in something we're doing or striving towards, or maybe you'll just feel enlightened by expertly written blog posts.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Support for Canine Cancer

Looking for something to do on Sunday? Want to get out and enjoy the weather for a good cause? There is a walk going on in 12 cities across the Nation to help raise awareness for canine cancer. Check out the 2 Million Dogs Walk. It's for a great cause and I only wish we could go. Unfortunately, Gracie and Webster are both still on antibiotics, and it's probably best that they don't go until they are done and have a clean bill of health.

We've been aware of Luke and his beautiful dogs for a year or so. Lynette met Luke, Hudson and Murphy at the 2009 Cincinnati Pet Expo, and I had read an article shortly before that. What dedication. The three walked from Austin, TX to Boston, MA to raise awareness for canine cancer, which prematurely took Luke's beloved Malcolm. It's such a great cause that really needs a larger awareness. Little did we know a year ago that we would really become part of his cause...personally. I would recommend checking out this walk if you're free, reading Luke's blog, and/or buying something from their online store. I know I will be keeping track of my days in 2011 on one of their calendars.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cycling sabbatical

I didn't ride to work yet again today. The pups took forever to do their business this morning, Gracie acted like a picky eater this morning, and the bike tires needed some air. I thought about it for minute and said screw it and grabbed the car keys.

Once to work, I started thinking about it. I don't necessarily enjoy riding to work. Actually, it's kinda a pain in the ass, especially now that it's starting to get cold. It's much more convenient to drive and my lungs and legs aren't burning from my immediate hill climb on my way home. Why do I bother then? Because it's the right thing to do. I only live a mile from work and it's really unnecessary to drive. Working only a mile from work also makes it hard to spend enough time in the saddle to actually enjoy the ride. Maybe if I lived a little further, it would give me the opportunity to enjoy the ride a little more. Then again, it would also be more inconvenient.

The worst part is, I know there are a lot of people that truly do love the ride. Maybe I need a new bike or maybe just some new components!

Tomorrow, I start to ride again, whether I like it or not.