Monday, April 12, 2010

3 months, 300 lives - ASPCA's $100k Challenge

The long and short is that the ASPCA is challenging shelters across the nation to not only come up with innovative and unique solutions to finding forever homes for more animals, but they are challenging them to find homes for at least 300 more dogs and cats from August 1st - October 31st.  This is 300 more as compared to the same time frame as 2009.  Basically, whatever shelter has the largest difference from last years adoption not only has the intrinsic benefit of saving hundreds more animals, but they also get a cool $100k to slip into their budget.

There is also a $25k prize for the shelter that "most inspires and engages its community to get involved in promoting pet adoptions and reuniting lost animals with their pet parents."  

Here's to hoping at least one shelter in Columbus will pick this up and run with it.  I've sent an email to both of the big places I know of and are familiar with (Franklin County and Capital Area).  Feel free to do the same or let me know of other places.  I'm more than willing to get the word out if it means a chance of blessing the lives of people like us, who without Gracie, Webster, and Cissy would be very very very different people.

For more info on this, go to the ASPCA's site for the challenge:

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