Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Support for Canine Cancer

Looking for something to do on Sunday? Want to get out and enjoy the weather for a good cause? There is a walk going on in 12 cities across the Nation to help raise awareness for canine cancer. Check out the 2 Million Dogs Walk. It's for a great cause and I only wish we could go. Unfortunately, Gracie and Webster are both still on antibiotics, and it's probably best that they don't go until they are done and have a clean bill of health.

We've been aware of Luke and his beautiful dogs for a year or so. Lynette met Luke, Hudson and Murphy at the 2009 Cincinnati Pet Expo, and I had read an article shortly before that. What dedication. The three walked from Austin, TX to Boston, MA to raise awareness for canine cancer, which prematurely took Luke's beloved Malcolm. It's such a great cause that really needs a larger awareness. Little did we know a year ago that we would really become part of his cause...personally. I would recommend checking out this walk if you're free, reading Luke's blog, and/or buying something from their online store. I know I will be keeping track of my days in 2011 on one of their calendars.

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