Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Note from the Very-Germy Household

When we got home from watching the game with friends last night, we were greeted by, not just one, but two happy, coughy and sneezy dogs. We knew that if it was a bug that Gracie picked up from the vet, then there would be no way to avoid this - with all of the snot Gracie has been producing the last couple days. They've been cuddling even more than normal since the surgery, and Webster has been giving Gracie a thorough sniffing every day to see how she is.

I got up first this morning and the two happy, coughy and sneezy dogs were at it full-force. Our house sounded like Petland. Eric joked that he was not going to get out of bed without galoshes. It was disgusting! (And yes, every surface of this house will be cleaned and disinfected before anyone is invited over again - probably several times!) Anyways, I checked temperatures. Gracie's fever is gone! But Webster was running 103.6!

When the vet opened at 1:00 today, I called to ask for antibiotics for Web. The receptionist told me that I was going to have to bring him in, which I was not expecting since they already know what is going on with Gracie. Within 30 seconds of hanging up with the receptionist (and Eric and I beginning to stress about how much this visit would cost us), the Dr. called me right back. She said that she would give Webster the antibiotics without seeing him, checked on how Gracie was doing on the antibiotic, and said that she would call again tomorrow or in the next few days to see if Webster is any better. We seem to be getting used to our daily chats with her. Thank goodness for a caring and dedicated vet! Well, all of the vets at the practice have been wonderful, but this one has definitely taken a special interest in Gracie, and now, Webster.

I'm actually kind of glad that Webster has the same thing as Gracie now. As much as I hate to see him not feeling well, I was beginning to worry that maybe the coughing and some of the sneezing was more related to the cancer and spots in her chest. I was afraid that she might never be comfortable again if the worst case scenario proved true. Now we know that the coughing and sneezing is from a bug, and she will feel better soon!

That's it for now! Hopefully...

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