Sunday, August 22, 2010


We figured that the most important event in our lives deserved a blog, but where to even start...

I guess the best place to start is the simple fact that on August 7, 2010 we got MARRIED!!  It's been 15 wonderful days and every day seems better than the last.

It was a wonderful day!  Everything went pretty much according to plan, and it turned out more beautiful than we could have ever hoped for.  Every married couple we know told us it would fly-by and boy were they right.  From the rehearsal till the morning after the wedding, it feels as if it all went by in a flash.

Some friends had told Lynette not to forget to look at Eric during the ceremony or lose him at the reception, or we wouldn't remember being together on our wedding day.  It turned out not to be a problem, because we couldn't seem to take our eyes off of each other during the ceremony and stuck pretty close together at the reception.  We thought it was a very special day, and even our pastor made a point of telling us that "sometimes you just do a wedding, but then sometimes it is something special."  He said he wanted us to know that ours was a very special wedding for him and that he would remember it.  It really meant a lot to hear that!

The two most nerve racking parts were 1. trying not to pass out during the ceremony, 2. trying to not sound like blubbering fools during our vows, and 3. pulling off the surprise of the evening...our first dance!  We could not pinpoint a good slow song that we both really liked, and didn't have "a song" to fall back on.  At about a month before the wedding we were sitting around working on wedding stuff and the Michael Buble version of "Feeling Good" started playing.  It was sort of Eric's theme song when we first started dating and Lynette causally asked, "what if we danced to this song?"  We both kind of looked at each other and thought..."ok, but it's too fast to just slow dance to."  That night we decided to start looking around on YouTube for some videos...and the idea was born! (note: Lynette doesn't fancy herself as a dancer and thinks she's terrible at it and Eric isn't exactly a pro either).  To make a long story short, we took a few different videos from YouTube, watch them a billion times and practiced in our living room for a month.  No one had any idea!  Our guests were shocked, impressed, and thoroughly entertained (as were we on all three).  We love that people are still talking about it! :-)

The reception flew by, we didn't quite get to talk to everyone, but it was a great time!  We didn't stay out too late, knowing that we had a 10 hour drive ahead of us on Sunday.  On Sunday morning, we were heading to Maine!  We took the drive in two parts, stopping in Albany, NY for the night on Sunday.  We finished the rest of the drive to Boothbay Harbor, ME on Monday and were greeted by beautiful weather, and the perfect place for our honeymoon!  Topside Inn was exactly what we wanted in a honeymoon spot.  We spent quite awhile looking at pictures, descriptions, locations, etc. for a Bed and Breakfast.  The moment we saw Topside, I think we both knew it was the place!  Boothbay Harbor was a bit touristy, but it gave us plenty to do while we were there.  We ate lots of lobster, kayaked out the harbor to the second oldest lighthouse in Maine (Burnt Island Lighthouse), took a two hour schooner ride and saw a sunset, and went whale-watching.  We also spent a day shopping around the LL Bean flagship store and a lot of outlets, right after a quick trip to a sand beach so we could dip our toes in the Atlantic.  It all couldn't have been more perfect!

Arriving back in Columbus, we were greeted by two very confused, but extremely happy pups and an attention starved cat (her own fault).

We are loving being married and think it's all a pretty darn good deal!

-Mr. and Mrs. Rosendaul

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